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Members are the lifeblood of HFMA. Over 35,000 members provide the focus for the broad range of services and benefits which HFMA delivers. Members also provide the ideas and effort to help create and ultimately to administer these activities. With a broad range of professional settings from accountant to senior financial manager, from hospitals and nursing homes to consulting firms and insurance companies, members express a wide variety of viewpoints on key health care issues facing the industry, thereby guiding HFMA in representing the profession.

Members have access to the National HFMA Website Members Only Area.

Membership Year:
HFMA's membership year begins on June 1 and ends on May 31.

Membership Directory

We have utilized the HFMA National website to provide an up-to-date electronic database for our current membership listing.

HFMA Online Membership Directory  (Requires Log-In and Password)

After you log-in, click on "My Account" in the upper right hand corner, then select "Membership Directory."

Under "Chapter," use the drop down box to select "Greater Heartland" to see a full listing of our current members.  While you are there, please take a moment to review and update your information.

Membership Classifcations

The HFMA membership as defined in HFMA's bylaws have four basic categories. The first two of the categories (listed below) are available to members when first joining HFMA. In addition to these four primary classifications, there are two secondary classifications. Although they affect member's annual dues rate, they do not change a member's primary classification. A member who is approved as a Retired Member or Chapter Life Member retains their primary classification (Regular, Advanced) and all the rights and privileges of that status.

• Regular Member- A Regular Member is a person interested or involved in health care financial management. All prospective members (except full-time students) join HFMA as regular members.

• Student Member-A Student Member must fulfill the following requirements:
- is a full-time college student during the academic year
- goes to a school which maintains a regular faculty and curriculum, and has an organized body of students at the place where its educational activities are carried on
- is a full-time intern, resident, or co-op student affiliated with an accredited educational program
- is not employed full-time
Student Members pay at a reduced rate.
When a student leaves school, he/she is reclassified as a Regular Member and must pay full dues in accordance with the Regular Member rate. When the Student Member converts the membership, the application fee is waived.

• Advanced Member- An Advanced Member is a person who has earned 20 Founder's Award points for membership and volunteer service. Advanced members are notified of the change from regular membership status by National HFMA.

• National Life Member- A National Life Member (not to be confused with Chapter Life Member) is a Regular or Advanced Member upon whom life membership has been conferred by the national Board of Directors. To be considered, the member must have served as an HFMA National Officer or Director or as a member of an HFMA national committee. National Life Membership is conferred to recognize meritorious service to HFMA or an outstanding contribution to the health care financial management profession. A National Life Member is exempt to the health care financial management profession and all further dues and assessments. This status may not be conferred on a member while he or she is serving as an elected Officer or Director of HFMA National.

• Retired Member- A member who is approved as a Retired Member or Chapter Life Member retains his/her primary classification (Regular, Advanced) and all the rights and privileges of that status. Any HFMA member in good standing who has completely retired from an active career or who has attained the age of 70 may apply for Retired member status. To apply for that status, a member should notify HFMA's Director, Member Service Center, via a personal letter submitted through the chapter president. If approved, the Retired Member pays dues at a reduced rate (currently $35/year) yet retains all the rights and privileges of the person's primary classification.

• Chapter Life Member- Chapter Life Membership may be conferred upon the member to recognize outstanding chapter accomplishments. To initiate the process, a member must be a Retired Member in good standing. The Chapter's Board of Directors must act to recommend conferral of Chapter Life Membership on the Retired Member. The Chapter President should write a letter to the Director, Member Service Center:
- confirming chapter board action;
- explaining, based on the individual's biographical information, why the chapter is recommending Chapter Life Membership;
- enclosing a chapter check for $175 covering five years of retired dues;
- and recommending that HFMA's Board of Directors approve the conferral of Chapter Life Membership.
If approved by the National Board, the Chapter President will be notified and a Chapter Life Member certificate will be processed and sent to the Chapter President. A Chapter Life Member is exempt from all further dues.

Don't just join, get involved!

There are many ways to take advantage of your membership. National HFMA is a tremendous resource for you, but getting involved locally can be very rewarding.

Applying For Membership

To join HFMA, a prospective member must complete the appropriate membership application. The application and payment may be processed online at the National HFMA website. The completed application may be printed and filled out and a check for the full amount of dues mailed to National HFMA.

In addition, a number of chapters send a welcome letter and a membership service plan (membership directory) to the new member and either feature the member in an issue for the chapter newsletter and/or recognize the member at a chapter meeting.